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A different kind of consulting company focused on SME's

We've polled our friends, colleagues, business partners and clients about the complaints they've had about working with traditional marketing agencies and consulting firms. Now we're here to change everything.

Bureaucracy, unreasonably high rates of over $250 per hour, lack of understanding of your business and layers of salespeople, customer service and project managers between you and those who do the actual work...we listened and changed everything.

Every engagement with Cloud Mine Consulting is with a well-rounded team of versatile experts who will understand both your business and have the technical chops to implement your project. Rather than working with a project manager that will end up outsourcing your work halfway around the world, our consultants are responsible for both understanding your business needs and getting the work done. No time wasted with go-betweens and nothing gets lost in translation. Additionally, without the extra overhead of a traditional firm, we can pass the savings onto our clients. More of your dollar goes towards the actual work done, not the fancy offices and extra overhead of your consulting partner.


    Cloud Mine Consulting was conceived with the notion that small and medium-sized businesses should have access to the same quality of services offered by large multi-national consulting companies without having to pay the ridiculous prices they charge. We've formed a team and an organizational structure that cuts out all the extra overhead and fluff of a traditional agency to one that gets right down to the core work, delivering results that exceed expectations at prices that small-medium sized business can afford and realize high ROIs.


    We are here to challenge the status quo of consulting. We aim to recruit and nurture a team that is both skilled in technical implementations and well-versed in understanding and solving business challenges. The result is more successful projects that scale as your business grows and faster build times without the traditional back-and-forth that takes place between those who gather your business requirements and those who do the actual work.

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